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daisy_the_mage1 ([personal profile] daisy_the_mage1) wrote2012-08-27 11:23 am

I know that I've ranted about this a million times, but...

So, guys, apparently Riku/Sora is canon. And here is why.


Well, if we go by that logic, remember the ending scene in KH II? Where Sora, Donald and Goofy hug each other? Well, they're all smiling SO IT'S A CANON THREESOME GUYS. CAN YOU NOT SEE IT? CAN YOU NOT?! AND DON'T FORGET RIKU HUGS MICKEY TOO. SO THEIR PAIRING IS CANON TO. CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?!

Shippers, just stop. Just. Stop.

I return to the fandom, having loads of fun playing KH 3D (despite the fact that the plot is now incredibly dumb but the dream eaters are cute and Sora and Riku are the most moest moe ever). And I swear, I still find this the worst fandom ever when it comes to canon pairings (sure, there are other fandoms that do this but I find it most noticeable in this one). And apparently people are still trying to insist which pairings are canon (like Sora hugging Riku at the end).

People, you do not need to prove that your pairing is canon in order to ship it. Who gives a flying fuck if it's canon or not? If a pairing is canon, what gives you more or less right to ship it than those with alternate pairings?

If you love Sora/Kairi, great. If you love Riku/Sora, great (it's not a pairing I care for but more power to you if you do like it!). If you like IDK Aerith/Obelix from the Asterix comics then that would be very unusual but GO FOR IT YOU LOVELY PERSON!

You do not need to justify loving Riku/Sora. You do not need to justify loving Axel/Roxas. You do not need to justify loving Riku/Kairi or Sora/Kairi or Sora/Namine. YOU DO NOT NEED TO JUSTIFY ANYTHING. Just ship what you want and stop shouting as loud as you can to others that your OTP is canon. Let other people ship what they want too so we can all get along, okay?