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 Fic title: It Was Destiny
Fandom: Ace Attorney/Kingdom Hearts awful crossover
Rating: T for a moment. Will probably age it up later. 
Summary: sora + phoenix hav a terrible life wiv their parents + they r vampires. will miles + riku change their lives 4ever?
Warning: DO I NEED ASK?

Hi my name is sora. I am 15 years old and I go 2 paopu steel samurai high. I wear lots of black makeup everywhere + leather pants which swish as I walk. I have a miserable life becos my parents FORCE ME TO GO TO SCHOOL! And its SO UNFAIR! I just want 2 go and b a songwriter and write the best songs in the world.

I hav an older brother called phoenix. He hates school as well and just wants 2 b a laywer. But our cruel parents MAKE US DO ALL THAT HORRID WORK!!111111JASDLKFJLKSDFJ

One day I went into skool. I put my black make up + vampire books in my locker (im a vampire lololol) and closed my door. Suddenly I saw the hottest man in the world standing right next 2 me.

Riku edgeworth. He is in my class + he + his brother miles r the hottest guys in skool. Every boy + girl + all the teachers fancy them both. I dun blame them bwcos riku has such pretty sparky sliver hair + emerald eyes. I love him so much though but cant hav him becos I kno he’s not gay like I am. Im gay becos I hate girls. Girls suck. Especially that bitch kairi. I wish she wud go + get whacked with a keyblade already. (A/n I HATE KAIRI TOO!!!1111 I KEEP DRAWING PICTURES OF SORA + RIKY KISSING OVER THEIR GRAVE!11111LOLOLOLOL). riku is also an angel + I dunt think hell like me becos im a vampire.

“hi sora” sed riku.

“hi riku-senpai” I sed. “we hav maths next”

“yes” sed riku. “by mis maya fey chan. I hate her she is mean.”

“so do I” I sed. “I hate all skool. I just want 2 be a songwriter. Just like linkin park”

“wow that sounds great,” riku sed. “I tunk ul make a rly gud songwriter.”

“yeah.” I sed. “shud we go 2 class now?”

“ok” sed riku. + he picked me up bridal style, spred out his sliver wings + we flew 2 class. 
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