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Fic title: It Was Destiny Chapter 2
Fandom: Ace Attorney/Kingdom Hearts awful crossover
Rating: T for a moment. Will probably age it up later.
Summary: sora + phoenix hav a terrible life wiv their parents + they r vampires. will miles + riku change their lives 4ever?
Warning: DO I NEED ASK?

i lay in rikus arms. His smelled like oranges. end lemons and the bells of st clemenz.

“sora + riku y u late for class?” miss fey sed when we walked into teh classroom.

“shut up miss fey” riku sed blowin a raspberry. miss fey cryed + ran out of the classroom 2 listen 2 gerard way in teh bathroom.

then manfred von karma teh headmaster cam in. “SKOOL IS OVER MOTHERFUCKAS” he sed. “U CAN ALL GO HOME.” i rly liek teh headmaster he is rly nice.   (a/n i tink von karma is miunsderstud. He iz a gud guy rly + hot too!11111lolol.ol)

“hey riku lets go + drink sum blud” I sed.

“ok” sed riku. Even tho hes an angel and dusnt drink blood.
So we went 2 the blood café. Feenix wuz there. “hi guys” he sed.

“hi phoenix” I replied. “wut is the matter?”

“im in luv wiv miles + but he is straight wiv that bitch iris” feenix sed befor he burst into tears.

“OBHJECTION! THAT IS NOT TRU!!1111” riku yelled bangin his fist on the tabl. “milz luvs u fenix. He is just datin irs becos she forcd him 2”111

“rly?” fenix sed through crystal tears.

“ye rly” sed riku. “he haetz girls and thinks they smell. So do i.” then he trund to me. “I rly love you sora.”

My eyes filled wiv tears. “rly?” i sed.

“ya rly” riku sed. “do u luv me?”

“yez i do” i cried.

Then we smooched. Rikus lips tasted of strawberrys.